Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Prime Time!

Primers are used after moisturiser and before foundation to give a smooth canvas and help your makeup to last longer. I have tried 4 primers and my favourite out of the ones I have tried has to be the benefit porefessional but I need a primer that will fill in pores and control shine while keeping make up on all day and am yet to find one that works amazingly well for me.

Benefit Porefessional: an oil free lightweight translucent silky balm to minimise pores. For me, this works well under powder foundation but with liquid I would suggest waiting a good 10 minutes before applying the foundation over it to let it set. It is okay at preventing shine and makeup lasts that little bit longer. It does a great job at minimising pores!

Givenchy Mister Mat: this is a slightly thick clear gel consistency and does create a smooth base but it is a little heavy and does not keep me matte unfortunately which is a shame since it is high-end but maybe it's just my skin. Everyone is different it may work for you!

Smashbox photofinish: This one is a similar consistency to the Givenchy one but slightly more runny. For me, this did nothing at all but the light version of it is much better in my opinion.

Loreal studio secrets primer: This is a pale pink mousse consistency and definitely creates a smooth base but it gets SO cakey. It was the first primer I ever tried and it just is too cakey for me.


  1. the smashbox photo finish did nothing for me also :( boo!

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    1. Aww I had high hopes because it's an award winning primer! :( the light version is a lot better though :) x

  2. I like Porefessional. I was about to try Smashbox, but your review saved me; thank you! Second best for me would be MUFE's All Mat.
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  3. I have to try the MUFE's all mat! You could always see if your nearest smashbox counter give out samples, mine didn't unfortunately and it was pricey. :(