Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Boots Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil

Although I have combination oily skin, it is still important to keep it hydrated. Especially in the winter months when it can get a bit lack lustre. I had a coupon for 100 advantage card points when purchasing a product from the boots botanics range and decided to try this oil.

I like the fact that it is 100% organic and that it contains rosehip. I use it every other night and when I wake up my skin feels nourished and a little glowy.

I really don't like the smell, I can't describe it but it's not very pleasant to me personally. It also takes quite a while to sink into my skin so I have to massage it in well and wait for it to be absorbed but maybe that's just my skin.

Other than that, I like it and I find that facial oils are a lovely treat!

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