Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bare minerals matte review

I've always been interested in the skin beneficial concept of using mineral foundations but never actually tried any so I got this on a whim! I got the matte version and was matched with the shade light W15 which was a great match for my NC30 skin tone.

I thought it wouldn't give a very good coverage but you can actually 'swirl tap buff' it into a full flawless coverage which looks beautiful! I hated the rough scratchy bare minerals brush the SA used on me so I used the real techniques buffing brush instead which worked much better!

Unfortunately the staying power for me was the downfall as it melted off in a couple of hours after getting slightly oily around my nose but I'm sure a primer would help.

Another thing I noticed was my skin started to feel a little itchy after wearing it and that has never happened to me before and I'm not sure whether it was down to the bare minerals but I will continue to work with it and see if it is or not so overall I have mixed feelings about it!


  1. I love the original foundation but have never tried the matte one I'll have to buy it in the future!

  2. I might try the original and see if it's any better :)