Tuesday, 7 May 2013

D.I.Y Ceiling light pendant

Another D.I.Y post! I've just been so inspired and creative lately! Here is a ceiling light pendant that I made from bits around the house. You can also change it a little to make it a dream catcher instead if you want to. 

You will need some cardboard, scissors, some pearls or beads (I used some old bracelets), thread, and also some glitter and glue which I forgot to include in the photo!
Cut the cardboard into a ring and cut out some hearts or a shape of your choice.
Wrap some strips of paper and some thread around the ring.
Cut out different lengths of thread and loop from the top.

Sprinkle some glitter over the cut out shapes and shake away the excess.

Put the shapes at the bottom of the threads and put the pearls and beads through however way you like.
Tie the beaded threads through the threads on the ring and you're ready to hang!