Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review: Palmers cocoa butter skin therapy oil

I've been using this oil to moisturise my body after the shower for almost 3 months now. It soaks into the skin quickly and is very moisturising. It smells like chocolate which is yummy but fortunately it doesn't linger which is good otherwise it would get a bit overpowering.

I've found that it has helped in evening out skin tone but I haven't yet noticed any improvement on stretch marks but I only use this once a day instead of the recommended times so I will continue to use it and see. It makes my skin soft and glowy and the pump is really handy so it's less messy to use. It lasts a really long time in 3 months I'm just under half way through it! I really recommend! :)

Excuse the sticker coming off the oil causes it to lose it's stick!


  1. I reviewed this last month and agree it is so nice, especially the smell! :) cute blog you have here lovely!

    B xxx

  2. Thankyou! Yours is cute too! Followed:) xx